Working at NADJA

NADJA is a unique company where everyone works full remote.

As long as you have a computer, you can work whenever and wherever you want.

We can even deliver the best value to our customers.

If you'd rather spend hours commuting back and forth to work, you can learn something new and make a difference.

We would rather spend my time learning new things and having fun.

There is one thing that our CEO, Mr. Hamaguchi, has been working on his whole life.

It is.

"Make something fun into a job."

This is what CEO wants for our employees to do as well.

We are looking forward working with people who share our values.

If you would like to know more about our CEO, please read the page below.

◆Self introduction of the representative

◆How we think about salary

◆From a dancer to an automation expert

I have a background as a dancer and stage performer overseas, and I am also a gamer.

I am now an automation expert.

As a result, I'm leading an interesting life that's a little different from others. Why don't you join us and finding out what "fun" is?

Available Positions

Full remote Web marketer WANTED

You can use your CRM/MA experience.

Job Description

Work from anywhere you want!

Would you like to challenge a new career as a web marketer?

Become a specialist of automation and business efficiency at NADJA.

As a HubSpot Gold Partner, you will be in charge of the implementation part of HubSpot and operational support.

What is HubSpot?

If you have experience in CRM/MA, you don't need to have experience in  HubSpot. Let's learn about HubSpot first!

Flow after joining

1) You will learn about HubSpot.

2) Next, you will be in charge of HubSpot implementation for customers.

3) Once you get used to HubSpot, you will be in charge of operation support after installation.

After implementation and operation support for customers, you will be able to challenge content creation. The content to be created is a blog about HubSpot, so you can use what you have learned to create it.

Who we are looking for

Education and age are not required.

Those who are interested in web marketing.

Have experience using CRM or MA

The person who can work with speed.

Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

If you are able to communicate well (we use chat)

People who like new technology

People who can understand and judge things from a bird's eye view.

People who can do their best to grow together

Your opinion will make the company better.

NADJA has a corporate culture that quickly adopts new and good things. Your opinions and suggestions for improvement will be reflected in our work. We are still a small company. We welcome people who are growing with us, rather than people who are already excellent!

Building trust with our customers

Of course we deliver the best value, but quick response is also important to build trust. When we receive an inquiry from a customer, we respond quickly. This is not only between us and our customers, but also between internal members. Even if you can't give an answer on the spot, a response that says, "I will check by 00.

There are times when I find it difficult. But that's what makes it worthwhile.

The work at NADJA is all about using your head. There are many things that I find difficult, but I think it is worthwhile. It is important to think, "How can I do it?" rather than assuming that you cannot do it right away. It is important to think "How can I do it?"


One of the following

Obtain at least 3 HubSpot certifications (about 1 month of study)

Facebook certification

Google certification

BtoB business experience

Work Location

This is a full remote job, so you can work from anywhere.

Work Hours

8 hours between 8am and 9pm.

This is a flexible environment, so housewives and people raising children are also welcome.

Employment Status

Regular employee

Trial period: 6 months

During the trial period, you will be employed on a fixed term basis, but there will be no change in conditions.


Salary: 200,000 yen to 335,000 yen

Salary will be considered based on age, skills and experience.

The salary includes fixed overtime work.

In case of overtime work exceeding the fixed overtime rate, additional overtime allowance will be paid separately.

Treatment & Benefits

Salary increase


Full-time employee celebration money

Incentive system

(Depending on the achievement of goals and customer evaluations, we will give you a gift of an overseas trip or a year's worth of private cell phone bills.)

Unemployment insurance

Workers' compensation insurance

Health insurance

Health insurance

Welfare pension


More than 120 days off per year

2 days off per week (Saturday and Sunday)

National Japanese holidays

Summer vacation (Aug. 13 - Aug. 16)

Year-end and New Year vacation (12/30-1/3)

Paid vacations (annual paid vacations after 6 months: 10 days)

We will support you to start a business.

After 3 years of service, we will support your independence. This is still a new technology so there is a lot of work to be done. We want to increase the number of people in the industry who are passionate about their work! Even after graduating from NADJA, we want to keep the relationship where we can stimulate each other's business.

Selection Process

1) Application

2) Document screening

3) Interview (2 times scheduled)

4) Offer of employment

Application Requirements

Job Description Implementation and operation support for Hubspot and iPaaS
Working hours and days 8-hours work daily
Vacations and holidays Basically Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
work location Full remote
Treatment and Benefits More than 120 days off per year
Work rules, wage regulations, various types of insurance
Selection term 1 week - 1 month
Employment type Full-time employees, contract employees, part-time employees
Salary Monthly payment 200,000yen - 380,000yen 
Others Work remote, start time adjustment, remote interview